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The Autumn Offer ... The 'Set' Autumn Special All Four For Just £130 (Plus Postage) - Only Until the 1st December
This new 60+ page guide to the new ASP (RAISE online replacement) has been produced to help schools and Governors to get the very best out of this years revised RAISE. The publication includes : - the background and reasoning to the changes to the system - how the assessments are undertaken - how to identify your schools key strengths - how, with the changes, can we identify progress and continuity - what should we consider for 2018 - making sense of the data (not being distracted by data that says nothing) - using the profile for future self-improvement - getting ready to use the data with OFSTED

From the 25th May 2018 The Data Protection Act will be replaced by the GDPR - meaning that the way you manage all data and information in your school will change.


Schools currently generate a wealth of information and this has been governed by the DPA to date. The new GDPR will mean some significant changes to the current regulations - including a significant increase in penalties for non-compliance.


Private schools, academies and free-schools are particularly vulnerable under this new law, but all schools are likely to fall foul of these legal changes unless they are prepared.


Our new preparation pack will cover the following areas :

- what the GDPR is

- time-scales for implementation

- legal duties for compliance

- how it differs from the DPA

- raising awareness

- accountability and data governance

- communicating the changes to parents

- legal grounds related to personal data

- gaining consent for data

- the rights of individuals

- rights of individuals to see records

- personal data breaches (penalties)

- children as ‘vulnerable individuals’

- data transfers to other schools in the UK and


- governors expectations

- costs

- policies and practice


The pack also contains

- an action plan for implementation

- guidance for Governors

- legal summaries

- PowerPoint presentation outlining the changes

This guide has been written with Headteachers,

Governors and Senior Staff in mind. As well as being easily accessible and easy to follow and understand, it also comes with an accompanying CD which contains a copy of the pack as a PDF as well as blank proformas and presentations for governors and teachers.


The pack includes :

- the 2017 framework for inspection

- effective self evaluation

- judging teaching

- British Values and PREVENT

- Safeguarding guidance and evaluations

- preparing 'the team'

- the roles and expectations of Governors

- impact and progress since the last inspection

- working with the judgements

- what to do if you don't agree with the outcome

- RAISE online : what to focus on : what Governors should know

..... plus much more

Our new Governor’s Performance Pack has been written with your next inspection in mind. It takes you and your governing body through a range of guidance and challenges you to review what you do and why. It also prepares your Governors for their role in your next inspection.


Themes covered include :


- OFSTED Expectations of Governors

- Safeguarding Duties

- Equality and Diversity

- Governing Body Structure

- School Improvement Cycles

- Knowing the School

- Visiting the School

- Monitoring and Evaluation School Performance

- Understanding Data (Progress v Attainment)

- How To Ask Questions

- Ensuring Headteacher Well-being

- Effective Meetings

- Ensuring Best Value

- Planning Your Year

- School Policies - The Legal Responsibilities

- Educational Terminology, Abbreviations and


- What Makes An Effective Governor

                                              and much more .....

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